Board Matters

Wellington High School Board of Trustees

The WHS Board of Trustees is made up of elected and co-opted parent and kura whānau representatives, the school principal, a staff representative and up to two student representatives.

Our Board is committed to the values of:

  • Whānau
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Ora
And is proactive in:
  • focussing on governance and strategic leadership
  • setting the vision for the school and supporting its special character
  • monitoring the school’s performance in raising student achievement and learning
  • ensuring compliance with legal and policy requirements
  • consulting with and working on behalf of, all stakeholders
The Board’s key areas of contribution are:
  • determining the school’s strategic direction; setting long- and short-term objectives through the Charter and the Strategic and Annual Plans, and monitoring progress against these
  • ensuring the school complies with the Education Act 2020
  • monitoring student achievement against the strategic objectives and national guidelines
  • ensuring that there is effective communication and consultation with the school’s community
  • developing and approving policies
  • appraising and supporting the Principal’s performance
  • setting the budget and taking overall responsibility for property and financial management
  • in support of Restorative Practices in the school, adjudicating serious disciplinary matters through the Disciplinary Sub-committee if required
When we meet:

The Board of Trustees generally meet once a month on a Monday at 6.00pm. Staff and interested parent/caregivers are welcome to attend. For catering purposes, please email the Principal’s EA / BoT Secretary if you would like to attend.

The next Board meeting will take place on Monday 8 April 2024. If you would like to attend, please email the Board Secretary for details.

Remaining Board Meeting dates for the rest of 2024 are as follows:

  • Monday 8 April
  • Monday 13 May
  • Monday 17 June
  • Monday 22 July
  • Monday 19 August
  • Monday 16 September
  • Monday 14 October
  • Monday 11 November
  • Monday 9 December

All meetings follow a set agenda which includes :

  • strategic decisions and governance discussions
  • confirmation of the previous meeting’s minutes
  • correspondence and other functional business
  • the Principal’s report
  • a finance and property report
  • reports from the student and whānau representatives
Confirmed Minutes










Board Documents

Wellington High School – Certified Annual Report 2022
(Year ending December 2022)

Becoming a Board Member:

The current trustees joined the Board in August 2022 and the next election will be held in 2025. There is provision for representatives to be co-opted onto the Board as needed, to contribute relevant skills and experience.

Contact us:

Anyone interested in any matters concerning the Board are invited to contact the following people for more information:

Board Chair
Wyatt Page

Dominic Killalea
04 385 8911 ext 825

Board Secretary
Alison Jeffery
04 385 8911 ext 824