Fees, Refunds and Payments

2021 / 2022 International Programme Fees

Item Full Year 3 Terms 2 Terms 1 Term
School Tuition 15,000 11,200 7,800 4,500
Administration 800 800 800 800
Homestay Accommodation 14,260
46 weeks
35 Weeks
24 Weeks
12 Weeks
Homestay Monitoring 400 400 400 350
Insurance 650 480 320 175
Optional Personal Money 600 600 300 300
Total 31,710 24,330 16,860 9,445
*All fees are stated in NZD ($) and have covered GST where applicable. School tuition fee is inclusive of standard tuition fees, classroom materials, equipment, ESOL as a subject, and counselling.

2022 homestay fees will increase to $315

Additional Costs

Student Visa Renewal Fee = $310
NCEA Fee = $384 (Not applicable for short-term students)
Stationery = Up to $100 (Depends on select courses)
School Trips = $50 – $400 (Dependent on selected trips)
Sports Fee = $20 – $200 (Dependent on selected sports)
Outdoor Education = $200 (Outdoor education curriculum students only)


The School will consider all requests for a refund of international student fees. Requests should be made in writing to the School as soon as possible after the circumstances leading to a request.

Non-refundable fees include:

  • Administration Fee
  • Insurance
  • Homestay Placement Fee
  • Used Homestay Fee
  • Tuition fees in most circumstances

Any unused accommodation or personal money will be refunded in full to the student when this request is made in writing. For amounts in excess of NZ$500.00, the school will request the authorization of parent or agent.

For full details on refunds please refer to Schedule Three of the Enrolment Contract
Enrolment Contract – Refund Policy July 2019


You may select one of the following two methods to make fees and deposit payments


Fees can be paid via TransferMate, an International Bank Transfer system. Pay in your local currency with no currency conversion fees and beneficial exchange rates. TransferMate accepts Alipay, Tenpay and UnionPay.

Access the payment platform here.

Please refer to the Step by Step Student Guide for more information on making a payment.

Bank transfer to school account

Pay fees through a bank transfer using the details below. Please note that banks will make a charge for this service.

Bank name: ASB Bank
Bank address: 54-56 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Account number: 12 3141 0212924 00
Account name: Wellington High School, P.O. Box 4035, Wellington
SWIFT address: ASBBNZ 2A