Why choose High?

Thinking of joining us? We think you should give it serious thought…

There is something special and exciting about our lively, co-ed school in the heart of New Zealand’s capital city.

We are a community school — whanaungatanga is at the heart of our culture

  • Students join us from Year 9 through to Year 13, and we actively engage with our families/whānau throughout the year.
  • Our marae and Te Whānau a Taraika are central to our school
  • We have a high needs unit, an international department, and Community Education programmes and creche on site.
  • We connect to Wellington’s diverse arts, science and cultural scenes.

We push for excellence

  • We commit to helping you achieve the qualifications you need for your chosen pathway, be it to university, into a trade or further study.
  • Course options are rich and varied – and we are renowned for our Arts, Science and Technology programmes.
  • We offer all sporting codes and cultural activities – and some interesting ‘niche’ activities too.
  • All students study te reo Māori and tikanga in Year 9 – and can pursue this through all years, including through immersion courses in the senior school.

We foster respectful relationships

  • Relational practice and restorative conversation lie at the heart of how we work with young people.
  • From Amnesty Club to our UV club, social action and community service are vital themes for our students.

We celebrate diversity

  • We welcome students of all cultures, backgrounds, genders and sexualities.
  • Your physical and mental wellbeing is actively supported.
  • You can express your individuality through what you choose to wear.

We are innovative

  • Wellington High is an early adopter of ‘BYOD’ digital technology and we use it to support all learning.
  • We offer collaborative, combined courses from Herengatahi classes in Years 9-10 to Sonic Arts and Painted Word in the senior years.

We are co-educational

  • Co-ed schools set students up for confident social and emotional relationships in life.
  • Students in co-ed schools are more likely to develop healthy self-esteem, respect for others’ perspectives and challenge social stereotypes.
  • Brothers and sisters can attend.