BYOD Recommendations for 2022-3

We encourage all students to bring a digital device to Wellington High School. The use of digital technology can transform learning in school and beyond.  Read more about how we use digital technology for learning at WHS.

What do we recommend?

  • Two students working onlineYear 9 and 10: Chromebooks work best with our Google tools in school. Chromebooks work in a Google Apps environment. You do not install software on to them.
    • All types of Chromebook will be suitable for school.
    • Senior students may prefer a device with software that supports their courses (e.g. Design, Computer Science).
  • All year levels: Laptops, Notebooks, and MacBooks support all software that may be required in school.
  • Getting ready for digital exams: This page provides the technical and digital examination support requirements from NZQA recommends for digital examinations.
  • A note on tablets: We find that tablets (e.g. iPads, Android Tablets) do not always offer the functionality that students need, even with a remote keyboard.

Example devices and advice: Here is a list of devices, with minimum specifications, and a set of notes to help you buy a device (Updated August 2022).


How do I buy a device?

Option 1: We have an arrangement with Cyclone Computers.

Cyclone offers competitive pricing through a secure portal –

The website has a ‘shopping cart’ model, a range of payment options, and will ship the machine to your door. Students will not need to buy other software for the machine. Shipping should take between 3 – 5 days depending on availability.

Consider buying a case: We strongly recommend that you buy a strong, hard case for the device. Broken screens are the biggest problem we see with devices. Cases can be bought on the Cyclone website (and in stores).


Option 2: Purchase elsewhere or use an existing computer

You may choose to buy a device from elsewhere, or bring a device from home.
Please make sure it has the minimum specifications.

Please contact your student’s Dean if you need to discuss the best way to provide a device for your student.