Learning Services

Why Choose High #3

Wellington High School is committed to the inclusion of all students in mainstream classes where students’ learning needs are identified and catered for. The Learning Services Faculty is responsible for identifying these needs and supporting the provision of resources and programmes so that each student is catered for appropriately.

The Learning Services Faculty is part of the Pastoral support team for the school and is led by Carly Elder. Louise Hannagan is the Special Assessment Co-ordinator and a Learning Services teacher. The team also includes teacher aides who provide in-class support. Where appropriate they can refer to the RTLB service and Ministry of Education behaviour service.

Students needs are assessed and needs are met through:

  • Information from previous school, the Progressive Achievement Tests (PATS) and other relevant testing as appropriate.
  • Year 9 literacy classes
  • In- class support
  • Accessibility supports
  • Online literacy programmes
  • Special Assessment Conditions, years 11-13
  • Differentiated teaching

Students with ongoing resourcing are part of He Kākano, with specialised opportunities that ensure supported mainstreaming.