Homestay for Students

Students attending Wellington High School can either live with a family member or in a school arranged homestay.

Homestay Manager, Claire Bown, matches students as closely as possible to their requirements with a homestay family. Many of our families have been hosting for Wellington High School for many years and all homestay families provide a caring and supportive home for our international students.

The homes are generally located within the school zone so students can either walk or take a bus to school.

Students have their own room and the host family will make students feel part of their family. They provide internet, laundry facilities and three meals a day. Usually students will prepare their own breakfast and lunch with food provided by their host parents and an evening meal will be prepared for them.

We are generally able to cater for food preferences and will try to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc. although it is important to let us know when you apply for a place in the school.

Most New Zealand households have pets, usually a cat and often a dog. Pets are frequently allowed inside the house.

All host families are police vetted and all homes meet the requirements for the Education Code of Practice (Pastoral Care of International Students)