Learning with digital technology at WHS

Digital technology is a vital tool for student-centred learning in Years 9 – 13 at Wellington High School. We find that technology provides access and removes barriers so students can research, create, connect and collaborate more effectively.

How do we use digital technology for learning at WHS?

At Wellington High, one-to-one device use enables students to work more collaboratively and have easy access to online resources to support learning. Watch the video to see how ‘BYOD’ supports learning at WHS (with thanks to the Connected Learning Advisory):

We also use digital technologies to create an inclusive environment for students. Watch the video to find out more:

Digital citizenship and online safety

There is a strong relationship between online and offline behaviour.  At Wellington High, we help students understand how their use of technology is part of being a kind, respectful and responsible citizen. The school combines behavioural and technical approaches to help reduce risk and harm. These include:

  • Using our restorative approach to help students learn how their use of digital technology impacts other people.
  • Focusing on peer relationships which are courteous and positive.
  • Encouraging a safe-telling culture and working closely with families.
  • Offering digital citizenship lessons at Year 9 and weaving learning about the internet, technology use and critical reading of information through the curriculum across all years.
  • Working with resources from other agencies such as Netsafe and the Ministry of Education.
  • Sharing our acceptable use policy with families which outlines our expectations, and describes sanctions should there be a breach
  • Ensuring filtering and monitoring across our network is robust and regularly  reviewed.
We recommend parents and whānau talk with their students about how they use technology so that it is part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The following advice may be useful: