Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Week 8, Term 2)

This week’s wrap up includes details of the two candidates in the forthcoming Board of Trustees by-election. In addition we celebrate publication success for three year 9 students and marvel at the art produced by Year 11 students during lockdown. Finally, we ask all families and whanau to update their emergency contact information: read the Wrap Up and fill in the form!

Important Dates

  • Monday 15 June: Board of Trustees meeting (6pm).
  • Monday 29 June: Open Evening
  • Friday 3 July: End of Term 2
  • Monday 20 July: Start of Term 3
  • Wednesday 22 July: Parents Evening (Senior Students)
  • Monday 27 July: Parents Evening (Junior Students)

Further details for the events listed above will be added to our online calendar as they become available.

Important Information 

Board of Trustees by-election

Nominations have now closed for the Board of Trustees by-election. Two candidates are standing for election and their biographies can be seen below. Ballot papers will be sent to all those on our electoral roll in the week commencing Monday 12 June. Completed ballot papers can be returned to Reception or mailed directly to CES.

The candidates:

Bill Acton: I have heard the Principal talk about WHS’s strong tradition of change and innovation. I personally agree that the ability to deal with change is what will really hold our children in good stead in the years to come. With the current Covid–19 situation the ability to deal with change is even more important. I think the way we need to see change, is not necessarily as the end of something, but rather the start of something.
I understand the need for a school to teach academic skills. Equally important in my view is the ability to get on well with others and have the resilience to deal with changes, and sometimes rapid changes.

As a father of two daughters at WHS I want them and the other students to receive a high quality of academic teaching, which WHS delivers very well. As a board member I will be promoting the importance of people skills, often described poorly in my view as “soft skills”. WHS recognises the importance of these skills, however there is always the risk of losing sight of their importance when looking to achieve the highest NCEA results.
I am a lawyer with over 20 years experience, and have a good understanding of the governance skills necessary to contribute fully to the Board of Trustees. I have two part-time roles in the adult education sector which gives me insight into the education system. I also sit on two Statutory Committees. On the WCC District Licensing Committee (alcohol), and through that am alert to the potential harm of alcohol, particularly for our youth. The other is as part of the Real Estate Authority. A key part of being on a Committee is the ability to work in a collegial way, where you can raise difficult issues without making it personal. I believe I can bring this skill to the School Board.

Wyatt Page: My name is Wyatt Page and I am standing for the Wellington High School (WHS) Board.

My twin sons are in the first year at WHS and enjoying it, which makes me interested in joining the board at WHS. As a staff member at neighbouring Massey University, I’m keen to help the Board look at the educational outcomes and achievements of students so that we are all confident that our kids are leaving school with a mix of skills and knowledge that will give them great choices. I have a background in engineering and technology, and I currently teach and research in health protection (Environmental Health), where my speciality area is noise and its effects on human health.

Our family lives on the South Coast, and I am a keen DIY’er, so our weekends are about getting out and about, or staying home and fixing up our house, garden, bikes, or whatever. My wife, Nicci, has previously been a Board member at a local school, so I’ve vicariously experienced the work of a Board, and being an academic, I’m no stranger to meetings! As WHS will be part of my family’s life for the next five years, I’d really like to help it achieve its goals in supporting students and be part of the BOT team.

Emergency contact information update

We are extending tte emergency contact information that we hold and are asking all families to complete the form at:

If an emergency ever constitutes the need to evacuate and close the school, we will keep all Year 9 students with us until a known adult, or nominated older sibling, can come and collect them from the field. Families of older students can ask us to supervise their student in this situation too.

If your student will remain in our supervision until collected, you will need to provide details of three emergency contacts, who are in addition to those already known to the school, and who could collect your student in the event of an emergency that closes the school.


Toitoi triple success

Three Year 9 students are this week celebrating the publication of their writing in Toitoi, a journal for young writers and artists. Lucian Petherick, Keizo Preece and Vita Lawson have all had work published in the latest edition. Lucian and Keizo’s poetry is featured, while Vita’s art illustrates a story about the Taniwha. Congratulations to all three. The Library has received two copies of the latest edition and each student has also received copies to share with family and friends.

What’s happening?

Lockdown Art

Year 11 Art students created some beautiful work during lockdown.

Below, the top row features works by Mira Patel, Jonathan Dransfield and Inese Velde. The bottom row features works by Chloe Bowman, Amie Sanson and Mathilde Jackson-Oliver.


From the garden

With hyacinths blooming in the garden, its looking unseasonably spring like. This week horticulture teacher Claire Neiman has also shared pictures of the more seasonal cauliflowers growing well.


From the Careers Desk …

Mid Year Polytech courses starting soon …

This is something for students/families to think about NOW if they are not sure if school is still the best place to be. These courses mostly start in early July (always check with the organisation) and offer half year/full year courses at Levels 2-4 for students in a wide range of vocational areas. I have had some queries from students and families as well as some referrals from staff. I will start communicating and meeting with students and families next week.  If you want to chat about what may be out there and look at the pro’s and cons of courses vs school, then, I would be very happy to meet and chat.

Chuni Bhikha (Careers Adviser)     3858911  Extn: 827