News / Notices Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Week 7, Term 1)

This week we celebrate success in Athletics, tennis, plus staff and student dragon boating. In addition, read about the Year 12 Biology / Science trip to Zealandia and read Year 10 Scarlett Connolly’s reflections on the Totara Flats tramp. Read the Wrap Up for all this plus news of Physics’ tournament success and much more.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday 17 March: Property consultation workshop 1 (3.20-5.30pm)
  • Wednesday 18 March: Property consultation workshop (3.20-5.30pm)
  • Friday 27 March: Learning Conversations
  • Monday 6 April: Board of Trustees meeting 6pm
  • Wednesday 8 April: Term ends

Important Information

Property consultation workshops 17 and 18 March

Thanks to the parents and caregivers, students and staff who have signed up for the property consultation workshops on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 March. If you are interested in being involved, please email, we have had great feedback but may be able to accommodate one or two more.

Learning Conversations – 27 March

An email has been sent to all caregivers this afternoon about our first Learning Conversations of the year.  Please note:

  • Bookings can be made at using code uesak
  • Bookings are made by choosing the year level then the rōpū teacher. Please note that we are only able to run one learning conversation per student.

What’s happening?

Year 12 Zealandia visit

This week the year 12 Biology and Science students went on the annual Zealandia trip to observe the Takahe. Despite the weather it was a great day with many sightings of New Zealand’s endemic birds.  A highlight for all was the giant cave weta and the many tuatara basking in what little sun could be found. The students were fantastic, asking many insightful questions.






Year 11 watercolour workshop

Swedish artist, Adrienne Riseley, visited a Year 11 art class to show the students her artwork and demonstrate how she works as an artist, focusing particularly on her watercolour skills. Adrienne,  who is on a five month sabbatical to New Zealand, inspired the students, who in turn produced great work. 


The Totara Flats tramp

Thanks to Scarlett Connolly (Year 10) for this account of the recent Totara Flats tramp.

The tramp started off easy-going and enjoyable. While walking I thought to myself “this might not as hard as I thought it would be”. Boy, was I wrong. After 3 hours of walking, I was lagging and it felt like I was going to be walking down this hill for days before I even found a glimpse of the Hut.  But we got there, and it was all worth it. 

The memory of this tramp will stay with me for a long time. Walking through the trees with the sun shining through as I talked the hours away with my friends, walking over the swing bridges, having hot chocolate with my friends after the long day tramping, listening to music in a circle with everyone on the top bunk, playing cards till 9:30 at night, and watching the Elon Musk satellites go past in the clear night sky.

When we got back to the car park the next day after another long four and a half hours, I felt exhausted and relieved but also happy and proud of myself for what I had accomplished and the memories I had made.  


Wellington Young Physicists’ Tournament medalists

Held at VUW last weekend, WHS’s two teams competed against teams from Onslow College and were rewarded with silver and bronze medals. Congratulations to bronze medalists Alexa Lee, Julia Randerson and Hannah du Toit and to silver medalists Ryan Bright, Lydia Acton and David Lindsay. The silver medalists will travel to Auckland for the national finals on Saturday 21 March. From this, they may be selected to represent New Zealand in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) later this year.




Young Women in Leadership

Congratulations to Year 12 students, Ash Dearnley and Cadence Chung who have been selected for the Young Women in Leadership programme. This programme takes place at Massey University in April and June. Each year the programme brings together around 200 Year 12 students who learn about leadership and build their confidence and networks. Students focus on developing projects that will make a difference to their local community. We congratulate Ash and Cadence and look forward to hearing how this opportunity helps them drive their initiatives forward.


The year started exceptionally well, with a number of records being broken at the WHS Athletics Carnival. Following this, a number of students competed at the Western Zone Athletics on 4 March and were rewarded with some further exceptional performances. Congratulations go to all our record-breakers.

Name Age  Event Old Record New Record Notes
Ari Koed-Chang (Year 12) U16 B Long Jump 5.87m 5.95m Ari broke the record he set in 2019 then jumped a phenomenal 6.12m at Western Zone Athletics
Frankie Coup (Year 10) U16 G Javelin 24.49m 28.99m Broke the record set in 2009 and won event at Western Zone Athletics
Henry Chapman (Year 12) U16 B Javelin 33.44m 41.22m Broke the record set in 2009 and placed 3rd at Western Zone Athletics
Tiopira Mulholland (Year 12)  U16B High Jump 1.66m 1.73m Tiopira broke the record he set in 2019
Niamh Fyfe (Year 10) U14G Long jump 4.33m 4.52m Niamh broke the record she set in 2019
Ella Blakely (Year 13) U19G 400m 1:20.69 1:03.51 Broke the record set in 2010
Ella Blakely (Year 13) U19G 200m 29.3s 27.37s Broke the record set in 2014
Ella Blakely (Year 13) U19G 100m 13.69s 13.39s Broke the record set in 2014
Ella Blakely (Year 13) U19G Long Jump 4.44m 4.79m Broke the record set in 2012

CSW Champions Tennis Tournament success

Congratulations to Anthony Cater (Year 12) who was runner up in the CSW Tennis Tournament held earlier this week. Seeded 8, and out of a field of 40, Anthony won his first four matches. He reached the final and played Tom Bolton (the number 1 seed). A fantastic effort Anthony, congratulations!

Student Dragon boat 2020

Sunday 8 March was a memorable day for the students representing WHS at Dragon Boating. The students were the first recipients of a trophy celebrating the fastest time raced during the entire 2020 Youth Festival.

Congratulations go to our team: Fabi Abromeit, Emma Allen, Ella Blakely, Riley Cherian (captain), Heidi Coleman, Seba Corte Ruiz, Hendrick Easton, Leandra Hoevelberndt, Nele Hollopp, Andre La Rooij, Kayla Lander (captain), Marjorie Ledru, Lily Parkin, Caitlin Peirse, Ben Reick, Leo Richter, Emily Rosemergy, Hiwarau Scanlan, Toshiyuki Shiga, Isobel Smith, Noah Taylor, Shoko Ueshima.


To appreciate just how fast the team tackled the race, the Mixed A Final can be watched on the Wellington Dragon Boat Facebook page. 

Welly High Warriors 2020

WHS has had a staff Dragon Boat team for 8 years now. Along the way, the team has won a few medals, but had not reached the Corporate A finals – until now. This year, supported by huge levels of support along the shoreline, the team placed 3rd in the Corporate A Finals. Congratulations!


Rowing regatta 

As this week’s Wrap Up goes live, our rowers are competing under sunny skies in Cambridge. There are no pictures from the course as yet, but these pictures show the glorious conditions that greeted our rowers as they prepared to take to the water this morning.