Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Week 6, Term 2)

Congratulations to our jazz musicians for their incredible five awards in the Manawatu Jazz Festival. Shout out also to the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition winners for their three prestigious awards. This week we also share news from Sports Science and Year 11 Drama. Finally, with Open Evening on Monday 14 June, a reminder that school will finish early at 3pm.

Important Dates

  • Monday 14 June: Open Evening 
  • Monday 21 June: Board meeting (6pm)
  • Friday 9 July: End of Term 

Important Information 

Reminder: change of times Monday 14 June

In order to prepare for Open Evening, there will be no rōpū on Monday and school will finish at 3pm.

Class times will be as follows:

Period 1 – 8.45-9.40
Period 2 – 9.40-10.40
Interval – 10.40-11.00
Period 3 – 11.00-12.00
Period 4 – 12.00-1.00
Lunch 1.00-2.00
Period 5 – 2.00-3.00

Open Evening

Our Open Evening for prospective students, their families and whānau takes place on Monday 14 June. Please share with family and friends who may want to take this opportunity to look around our school. If you are interested in attending, please help us with our planning and fill in the form here.

What’s happening?

Year 11 Drama

Year 11 Drama students performed “The Road That Wasn’t There” by Ralph McCubbin Howell.

Although this was their first performance in front of a public audience, the class took to the stage with confidence. They learned that they can overcome anxiety and fear with determination and courage. The class now know they can rely upon each other, that they have each other’s backs and the show will always go on. A commendable group of young talented actors in the making.

Sports Science @ Massey’s Beats Per Minute gym

This term, Sport Scientists have been applying their knowledge of Biophysical Principles to the practical context, at Massey University’s Beats Per Minute gym. Massey University has provided a brilliant learning environment for students to analyse the physiological responses to training and exercise, and to practically apply the methods and principles of training to their individual sports. We are very fortunate to have the privilege of learning with and at Massey.


WHS Jazz musicians win at Manawatu Jazz Festival

Over Queens Birthday weekend these students took five prestigious prizes awarded in this competition. We are very proud of their efforts and a big thank you to Fritz Wollner for making this happen.

  • Best Piano player: Nico Buhne
  • Best Trumpet player: Miro Holland
  • Best Bass player: Max Ware
  • Best Drummer: Harry Lentell
  • Best Combo (Small group): Mel Stevens (Louis Holland and Jack Harris)

Shakespeare Competition winners

WHS competed at the Shakespeare Globe Sheilah Winn Theatre Competition over the weekend. The small group of senior students were directed by Maddie Brooks Gillespie and picked up three prestigious awards.  These were:

  • Best Understanding of Sound and Silence 
  • Outstanding Presentation from a History
  • The Two Actors Who Showed the Strongest and Most Truthful Connection Between Them award: Brooke McCloy and Ursula Palmer Steeds (pictured)

The stellar cast comprised Freya James, Brooke McCloy, Lewis Thompson, Vita Jerram and Ursula Palmer Steeds. Congratulations!