Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Week 2, Term 3)

In this Olympic fortnight we highlight the Olympic achievements of alumni Anton Down-Jenkins and Josh Junior and celebrate our own Year 11 Football squad’s unbeaten run. We bring you our annual Arts exhibition, Blank Canvas, and an update on Gateway placements in Terms 1 and 2. With careers information for senior students and their whānau there is a lot to get your teeth in to.

Important Dates

  • Monday 9 August: Junior Parent-Teacher interviews begin at 2.30pm. 
    • Lesson times will be adjusted, no rōpū, and students will be dismissed at 1.30pm. Cafeteria will be open.
  • Monday 9 August: Board meeting (6pm)
  • Monday 16 August: Future Focus Evening (3.45 – 6pm) & Careers Expo (afternoon) to support subject choices for 2022.
  • Friday 20 August: Mid-term break: School will be closed
  • Monday 23 – Friday 27 August: Senior Derived Grade Exams: Seniors will be on study leave, except for exams or other arrangements. Lunch will be earlier, at 12.20pm, for Years 9-10, and there will be some room changes for them. Separate information to follow.
  • Wednesday 22 September: Friday timetable replaces Wednesday timetable. No late start; school starts 8.45am.
  • Friday 24 September: Learning Conversations (all years): Students will attend for their conversation with their rōpū teacher; otherwise, working from home.
  • Friday 1 October: End of Term 3

What’s happening?

Gateway work experience







Senior students (Yr 12 & 13) have been busy at work in Term 2 and 3 on the school Gateway work experience programme in a variety of different jobs – Radio, Mechanics, Landscaping, Horticulture Childcare, Metal Fabrication and Retail. Here are just a few who have successfully completed their placements and have had a great experience and some who have been offered employment as a result. 







Applications are still open for Term 3 & 4 but places are limited so pick up an expression of interest from Student Service or for more information visit the school website or email








Blank Canvas

This year’s Blank Canvas was a great success. Congratulations to all artists exhibiting and a big thank you to all who visited the exhibition. We had over 90 pieces in the show with over 40 works sold. 


He Kākano

Sewing technology, mixing plaster for sculpture, digital music production and pattern making were but a few of all the activities our students have engaged with this week. 


Alumni’s Olympic successes

Two WHS alumni competed in the Olympics this week, both reaching the finals of their events. We are phenomenally proud of their achievements:
Josh Junior (Year 13, 2007) finished 5th in the final of the last ever Olympic sailing finn class competition.
Anton Down-Jenkins (Year 13, 2017) finished 8th in the final of the men’s 3m springboard diving.
In their time at WHS both athletes won the Thomas Stace Cup. The pictures above show them, 10 years apart, as the award’s recipients.


Year 11 Boys’ Football Squad

Last Saturday the squad finished the Year 11 rounds of games – winning every single one of them! Scores were as  follows:

Congratulations to the team and to James Pollock, who scored a cracking goal and was the team’s MVP.

From the Careers Desk

Careers work with Senior students – Term 3

Yr 12/13 Career Planning – Late last term, we asked students to fill in a brief update about their Career Planning thinking and where they were at. Students identified if they felt

  •  they were all good and organised and did not need any assistance
  • They had some ideas but not 100% sure of next steps
  • Very uncertain and needed support

We are starting to invite students who are uncertain and working out ways we can support and guide them. Students also identified other info or support they wanted … eg … CV’s, work experience, apprenticeships contacts … We are starting to invite those students and offer workshops at lunchtime. Please encourage your students to attend if they asked for support.

Careers Exploration activities (Yrs 11-12) – Careers Central … subject selection for 2022

Students have been encouraged by Ropu Teachers to explore job ideas and to develop a clear idea about what subjects are recommended or required for the jobs that they are interested in. This info will hopefully support students and families to make strong choices. We hope that students will identify at least 3 jobs of interest and the programme will automatically tell them what subjects need to be considered.

Careers Exploration activities (Yrs 13) – Careers Central … next steps

Students were encouraged to investigate ideas for next steps …. Courses, prepare CV’s, look for jobs …

Careers Expo at WHS – Mon 16 Aug (12.20 – 3.30) – Riley Centre for Yr 11 – 13

We have invited local training providers – Universities, Polytech and specialist private training providers (eg NZ Institute of Sports, Yoobee). Parents are invited to come along during any of these times or during the times your kids are scheduled to go.

      • Year 12 – 12.20 – 1.20
      • LUNCH – Yr 13/Y10 1.20 – 2.20
      • Year 11 – 2.20 – 3.30
      • Future Focus – 3.45 onwards

This is a great opportunity for students to develop a clear idea of subject expectations for the different pathways that they are interested in.

E2E (Education to Employment) event for Families/parents of Yr 11 students (Wed 25 Aug 5.30 – 8.30pm) at Wellington East Girls College

This event is targeted towards Yr 11 students as they seek to gain confidence about pathways that interest them. It is also more focussed towards those that are interested in more practical and vocational entry level employment, Apprenticeships, trades courses … There will be speakers from MOE, representatives and employers from Vocational Pathways sectors, Polytechs about courses, Apprentices from a wide range of jobs, school Careers Advisers  ….

This may lead to opportunities for workplace tours, career mentoring, job shadowing/work experience.

NOTE: If you are interested in attending with your child, please contact …CHUNI BHIKHA (Careers Teacher) at …. And let me know what Vocational Pathway your child is interested in and info will be sent out beforehand to support prep for the event.

Trades SpeedMeets (31 Aug) – Wellington College – 9.00 – 2.30pm

SpeedMeets bring together students and employers (speed dating style). It is a great opportunity for senior students who are ready for work to meet with employers from a wide range of areas of work in Trades and Service industries, many of whom are looking for staff. Students will meet a number of employers for 6 min each. They should bring along a CV and be dressed in a  smart casual style. At the end of the day, students and employers are matched and contact details are shared.

NOTE: If you are interested in your child attending, please contact Bec McKenzie (Careers Teacher) . Let me know what Vocational Pathway Vocational Pathways sectors,  your child is interested in and info will be sent out beforehand to support prep for the event. They will need to come and see me in COM5 to formally register.

For more info, check out this link …