Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (T3/W2)

Outdoor Education

Year 11 Outdoor Education took to the Jumbo Circuit in the Tararua Ranges with Simon Russell and Natalie Bell.  They woke to lots of snow at Powell Hut so the days walk became a day playing in the snow.

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TedX Sample Event

Wellington High School Library was the venue for a very successful and inspiring TedX Sample Event on Friday 31 July.  The speakers were Elizabeth (Loo) Connor (Director of ‘The Kinship’; Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College in London, Prime ministers Award for Science 2), Pip Desmond (Founder of Aroha Trust, Author, Activist) and Natalia Albert (Operations Manager at Inspiring Stories Trust, TedX Event Manager). 
TedX TedX2


Busy Evenings & Admin at High

On Monday night it was Whanau Learning Check-in (Parent-Teacher evening) as well as a Board of Trustees meeting.  If you missed the parent-teacher meetings you can email your students teachers on  

You can also keep in touch with what your student is doing via the parent portal.  If you need your login information sent through again, please email

Our latest newsletter was also sent out and the link to the newsletter is at

The Board of Trustees confirmed minutes are posted at

Our Community Education classes started on Tuesday evening for Term 3.  You can have a look at the huge variety of classes they offer on