Weekly Wrap Up

The End Of The Golden Weather – Year 12 Drama Production

Paul Sullivan’s Yr 12 Drama class presented the Kiwi classic

The End of the Golden Weather by Bruce Mason, and adapted by Raymond Hawthorne, last week.


Narrator Bea Joblin kept the story flowing and the sun shining as the words flowed from her smiling face.

Boy, Riley Brophy, and his interactions with his family, the world and Firpo were all melded together with expert ease and professionalism.

The audience could feel the story with all its highs and lows. Well done all of you!



Abby Adams: Sister, Bob Ferguson, Jewellery Girl, Rioter
Felix Borthwick: Reverend Thirle, Mr Johnson, The Man
Riley Brophy: Boy
Brandt Feeney: Firpo.
Mae Grant: Miss Effie Brett, Miss Mackay, Rioter, Roy Baker, Mrs Atkinson
James Guzzo: Harry, Joe Dyer, Rioter
Briar Hayes: Sergeant Robinson
Bea Joblin: Narrator
Hana Rochford Barber: Mother
Sarah Rutten Amy: Ginger, Woman 2, Jewellery Girl,Miss Sybil Brett, Choir
Harriet Salisbury: Brother, Choir Girl
Dirk Skagen: Jesse Cabot, Uncle Jim, Rioter, Butcher
Manoa Teaiwa: Father, Rioter
Em Wafer: Aunty Cass, Mr Stephen Irons CREW
Director: Paul Sullivan
Lights: Sasha Morrison and Jonathan Churton
Costumes: Tanea Chapman
Set Yr 12 Drama class
Poster and photo-shoot: Henry Cooke (Yr 13)
Dress rehearsal photos: Laurel O’Brien (Y 12)

Thanks to: Allie Hodge, Wellington High Music Dept, Paul McDougall, all families
who lent props and costumes (especially the endless supply from the Joblin family),
Student Services, Jania Bates, Play Market.

 Henry’s poster
 Narrator and Boy
 Boy reads for Firpo
 School starts
The race is on
Firpos loses and Boy consoles