Weekly Wrap Up

High Poets’ Walk a step closer

At a ceremony to mark the end of Library week the first two poems for the linkwell Poets’ Walk were announced.

Lily Uivel and Lachlan Dixon’s poems were the two chosen and they were read.

The other poets Sienna Kelly, Zarina Ahmed, Chora Charleton, Cheryl Wong and Mereana Latimer’s work was recognised also with the presentation of a certificate. 

The ceremony ended with chocolate cake all round. 

The Poets’ Walk is a joint project between Arts, Graphics, Creative Writing and the Library.

Horizon line – Lily Uivel

The beauty
forced the breath
from my lips
– I felt it like a blow to the chest.
I saw the edge of the world
joining with the sky,
an imaginary line,
and all was clear.
A thousand miles away
waves shone
as if they crashed on the shore before me.

Being Pakeha –   Lachlan Dixon

Wha Nuke, Rereke, Tautoku.
It’s supposed to be my heritage.
I wish I could understand the words printed on the walls of Taraika,
But I can only stare.
They hold a sacred meaning.
The words are alive, I can feel it,
Yet they stand meaningless in my mind.

I very nearly went to the Kapa Haka meeting.
They would all have been experienced – full-blooded Maori
Trained in the art from birth.
I would have been embarrassed.

I almost circled Maori on my subject choice sheet.
The other students would have laughed at me.
The teacher would have laughed at me.
My own parents probably would have laughed at me.
A Pakeha could never learn Maori.

Adaire & Jane announce
Alex reads Lachlan’s Being Pakeha
Lily reads Horizon Line