All students in Year 11—13 will be sitting derived grade practice examinations between Friday 23 August — Thursday 29 August 2019.

Timetable and information

The timetable, student instructions, and a revision advice booklet, will be shared with students this week and are also available online. You can find them via the Student Hub, and also on the WHS website (under ‘Students’ > ‘Senior Derived Grade Exams 2019’)

Please note:

  • Students need to see Ms Spencer (M508) if they have a clash on their timetable. 
  • Students need to be at school by 8.30am in the morning, and 12.50pm in the afternoon on the days when they have exams.
  • Exams are in the Riley Centre and students meet in the foyer unless told otherwise.

Teachers will be preparing students for these examinations over the coming weeks. These examinations are an important opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the demands of the NCEA exams. They also provide a derived (‘back-up’) grade in the event of illness/absence in the final exams at the end of the year. 

Special Assessment Conditions

If your student is being considered for Special Assessment Conditions, you will be contacted shortly by Learning Services.


If your child is unwell on the day, please contact the school as normal. Opportunities to sit exams in class the following week is at the discretion of Heads of Faculty. Note that students will not be able to claim a derived grade from the exam if they sit it at a later date.

Useful advice for revision

There is useful advice for parents about how to help your student prepare for exams in the student information folder, plus: