Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (T2, W9)


7 July Last day of Term 2
24 July First day of Term 3
26 July Senior Parent Teacher Interviews
31 July Junior Parent Teacher Interviews
7 August Blank Canvas Exhibition
25 – 31 August Senior Exams
1 September Mid-term Break
4 September Future Focus Evening


“If you found out you had a terminal illness, what would your dying wish be? For many, the bucket list might include visiting those places you’ve always dreamed of, meeting your idols or just cramming as much fun as possible into the time you had left.

Eva McGauley, however, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2015, has just one, quite different wish – to create a safer world for the loved ones she will leave behind.”  (from  Read the article HERE.

Eva has launched her website ( and has gained international attention for her incredible work.  Once you’ve had a look at why we need this service, met the team of young people changing the world, and followed Eva’s Blog, you’ll want to know how to contribute.

Donate to EvasWish at and pre-order some merchandise at