Teacher Only Day

On Friday 2 June there is a teacher-only day which means there will be no classes for Wellington High School students.  Students are expected to work on their learning at home.

Monday 5 June is Queen’s Birthday which makes it a four-day weekend for students.

The teacher only day is a Wellington wide day of professional development for schools who are part of Wellington Loop Trust. The trust supports schools to build teacher capability, enhance outcomes for student and to provide responsive, future-focused learning for the digital age.

We look forward to using these new skills in the classroom and thank you for your support.

Important Dates

23 May Contributing Schools Visit – no late start, early finish
30 May Contributing Schools Visit – no late start, early finish
31 May & 1 June Year 12 Play
2 June Teacher Only Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
5 June Queen’s Birthday – SCHOOL CLOSED
12 June Open Evening
 19 June Board of Trustees Meeting
26 – 29 June Year 13 Play
29 June International Student’s Dinner
7 July Last day of Term 2

Thank You

Wellington High School has received a grant of $4500 from the WF Anderson Educational Foundation. This money will be used to assist students in financial need. We are deeply appreciative of the Foundation’s support.


Wellington High students went to Otaki to tautoko (support) Bronte Metekingi  at Manu Korero.

Whaea Charlene managed to get smiles, even at 7am, and she said that the boys pretend that they don’t want to wear the No1’s but deep down, they like how smart they look.

Bronte did the school proud with second place in the impromptu segment.



Ben Roberts, Y ear 13,  will be attending the ASB Young Leaders Rugby Experience. He’s one of  50 students selected from around the country who will attend a leadership and activity course. He will have a whole day with Hurricanes captains and leaders and also gets to have a training day with former All Blacks and Lions players.


Saturday 20 May – team updates for second grading game

WHS1 Senior A
After a somewhat disruptive start to the morning, the team pulled together with the help of Maddy stepping in from WHS 2 Senior Green. it was a game of opportunities for both sides with Onslow 1 (sadly) winning the battle by a 2 goal margin. However, we will take the bonus point, which puts us on the board and build from this weekend’s efforts going into next week. The girls fought hard till the end and pulled it back in the last minutes to get that bonus point!

WHS3 Junior A
A tight game against Wellington East today with every ball contested. A couple of players found their “inner beast” and the team as a whole connected well to win.
WHS4 Senior Gold
It was seasonably cold at Hataitai this afternoon. Anticipation was high and after a fiery start against a tough, rough, and determined St Mary’s, disaster struck! Two of our players in quick succession had to leave the court with ankle injuries. Thank you, St John’s for your assistance.
We matched St Mary’s in the first quarter but with the reshuffle required to manage injuries, the opposition took a dominating lead over the next two-quarters.  Kudos to Kassidy for being everywhere and keeping the team together in odd positions, Ruby for playing in GK for the first time and doing a Stirling job!, Vita for scoring off most turned balls in the first quarter, Naomi for dominating the SMC shooters with numerous intercepts and tips before spraining her ankle, and Tyler for being staunch and coming on in the last quarter with a sore ankle!

WHS6 – Junior Red
It was a game of uneven quarters – with our most successful quarter being the last. Layla and Hazel warmed up to do some great shooting which meant that the final score of 7-11 was much closer that it could have been.  Mathilda’s fierce and committed action got the ball flying through the court making her player of the day this week!


Finn Teppett , who work in the Wellington High Library, has co-written a play which he also acts in.  The play opens at Circa June 6th.  It’s called White Man Behind A Desk Live and it’s based on my friend’s (pretty popular) political satire web series.
They did a season at BATS for the Comedy Festival, which sold out, and won Best Newcomer (Wellington). They included as guests Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson, Metiria Turei, Geoff Simmons, Nicky Hagar, and Colin Peacock.