Weekly Wrap Up

SCPS Junior Outreach Programme

Eight Year 10 students with ability and interest in science were chosen to attend this Year 10 Colourful Science Day at VUW. The aim of the day was to engage our students in some cutting edge science experiments related to the chemistry, physics, and biology of colours, colour perception, and the human eye. The programme included a nano-technology component. Our students learned more about the process of science, the relevance of science to their own lives and the potential of science to solve some of the big issues that face the world today. Students chosen to attend were: Eddyn Perkins-Treacher, Jaquille Haribhai-Thompson, Tess Breiten-moser, Liam Scully, HenkWilcock, Callum MacRae, Ted Holmstead-Scott and Scott Dench.

SCPS Junior Outreach Programme 2012