Weekly Wrap Up

Climbing Club Reaches New Heights

The Wellington High School Rock Climbing Club, in combination with the Tararua Tramping Club, took an adventure down to Golden Bay during the school holidays. Golden Bay has some of the best and extensive sport climbing in New Zealand and we were lucky to be able to spend a week there climbing and exploring. The students all had a great time challenging themselves to climb much higher climbs than they can around Wellington and experience many different types of climb, for example: slabs that require precise balance, crack and chimney climbing, exposed climbs high above the river below and pumpy overhangs and roofs. All of the students progressed exceptionally well, greatly increasing the grades they can now climb.

If you would are interested in joining the climbing club we will be continuing to climb every week at Ferg’s as soon as they reopen after repairs to the shed foundations (hopefully within the next four weeks). Keep an eye on the school notices for more information.

Wellington High School Climbing Club
When: Tuesday 4:00 – 5:30pm
Where: Ferg’s on the water front
Cost: $10 per week ($14 if you want to rent climbing shoes)
Drew McGlashen
Rock Climbing Rock Climbing #1
Rock Climbing #3 Rock Climbing #4