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First meeting for Friends of Wellington High

First meeting for Friends of Wellington High

More than 50 years since it last existed, an association comprising former students, teachers and staff members that went to either Wellington Technical College or Wellington High School, was set up this week.

The idea behind the association came from the WHS Archivist Carey Clements, who believes the time is right to now start recognising both the 133 year heritage and former personnel that have been associated with the school.

“You have to remember that whilst WHS has never run on traditional values as some of the other secondary schools in Wellington, we should all the same celebrate our many achievements that have largely gone unrecognised through the decades along with certain areas of the school that also have a history.”

During the meeting, seven were elected onto the association, which is under the name of ‘Friends of Wellington High School’. Those elected were: Chairman: Carey Clements; Secretary: WHS Deputy Principal: Shaun Taverner; Treasurer: Ex WHS student and teacher Watson Pita; Committee: Former 1971 WHS Head Prefect and later teacher Brenton Higson, 1969 Dux Stephen Ready, 1964 Dux and later a double Olympic gold medallist, Dick Joyce and Bob Waters.

Following the meeting, those that attended were then given a tour of both the old school hall and archives.

Carey said there are some necessary things to do things to do straight away, before the committee can then start to aim towards projects.

“Although we have got a good committee on board to get things up and running, I would still welcome others to join us, especially women that either studied or worked at the school.”

“If anyone is interested, I invite them to contact me as my details are down are on the WHS webpage,” Carey said.