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Derived Grades Process

For those students unable to sit the examinations yesterday due to the earthquake closure the following information is important:

  •  WHS will handle the derived grade process for students affected by the closure. You will not need to complete an application.
  • The grades reported will be derived from work completed during the year in quality assured conditions that meet NZQA’s authenticity requirements.  In most cases, these grades will be drawn from the results students gained in the school exams earlier this year.  In some cases, grades will be drawn from standard specific work completed in classes under examination conditions.

We understand that this will be frustrating for some students. However, this process follows NZQA regulations. The school must abide by the criteria set out by NZQA and report only grades that have standard specific evidence completed under the appropriate conditions.

We will keep you updated once learn more about the scholarship exams that were postponed and with any further information  regarding the derived grades should it be required.

We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding about this process.

Nga mihi nui