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As we receive information about the Coronavirus we will provide updates by email and through our website and social media channels.

Update received 02.02.2020

You will have seen that the Prime Minister has made an announcement this afternoon.  It includes the following information concerning all foreign nationals travelling from, or transiting through mainland China:

“The Government is placing temporary entry restrictions into New Zealand on all foreign nationals travelling from, or transiting through mainland China to assist with the containment of the novel coronavirus and to protect New Zealand and the Pacific Islands from the disease.

This will take effect from 03.02.2020 and will be in place for up to 14 days. This position will be reviewed every 48 hours.

Any foreign travellers who leave or transit through mainland China after 2 February 2020 (NZ time) will be refused entry to New Zealand.

Any foreign travellers in transit to New Zealand on 2 February 2020 will be subject to enhanced screening on arrival but, pending clearance, will be granted entry to New Zealand.

New Zealand citizens and permanent residents returning to New Zealand will still be able to enter, as will their immediate family members, but will be required to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival back in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has also raised its travel advice to New Zealanders for all of mainland China to “Do not travel”, the highest level.”

The Ministry of Education, TEC, and NZQA are working together and we will provide you with information over the next couple of days regarding the Government’s announcement.  In the meantime please contact TEC, NZQA or the Ministry of Education with any questions or concerns.  We will keep our websites updated.

Please continue to refer to the Ministry of Health website for health advice and the latest information:

Email sent to all whānau and caregivers on 28.01.2020.

Dear parents and caregivers,

Over the past week the emergence of Coronavirus has been widely covered in the media. As this is a new virus, the Ministry of Education has asked us to share the information below with our school community.

As always, any student who is unwell should remain at home. If your student is unwell, please keep us informed: email or call the absence line on 043858911 ext 873.

If you are concerned about your student’s health, Healthline (0800 611 116) or their GP will provide medical advice.

If students become unwell whilst at school, they must report to Student Services on Level 5. Student Services will contact parents and caregivers of students in Years 9-10 who need to be collected from school. Senior students who are unwell must report to Student Services before going home. Regardless of the illness, students should not return to school until after all symptoms have cleared.

If your student is considered at high risk of exposure to Coronavirus (they have recently been to China or have been in close contact with someone who is confirmed to have Coronavirus), they should voluntarily stay away from school for 14 days. This is the incubation period for the Coronavirus. As with other viruses, a person may be infectious during the incubation period and this is the best way of limiting infection.

As a school, we will keep you informed of any developments with the Coronavirus. Further information can also be obtained from Regional Public Health ( and from the Ministry of Education (

Dominic Killalea