Weekly Wrap Up

Update from Nepal Orphanage

WHS has a strong connection to an orphanage in Nepal. This is an email update that teacher Bharat Pancha received over the weekend regarding how they are faring after the earthquake.

Dear Bharat,

Good luck for the music evening.
From your donation so far we gave 80 sets of T-shirts and half pants for 80 children about half school coming children and half children below 5 years.

This became extremely fruitful because these children do not have extra clothes to wear.
Second we gave day meal to 20 young people to clean up the broken parts of the peoples collapsed houses to make the sanitation clean and light. We did it for one week.

Last week some children and people get intestinal pain and we paid a doctor to identify the cause of infection and it is found that it was due to contaminated water which they drink direct from the tap. So we distribute some powder for chlorination of their drinking water to kill germs like bacteria. We established a first aid table for various pains like bleeding/dislocation/fainting/insect sting.

Some farmers have bee hives in wooden cave and cavity in the walls of their houses for bees. As the houses collapsed the bees hives are broken down and bees became aggressive and start stinging people so as first aid we use ice and cold cream to get quick relief.
Also we are doing first aid for snake bite and scorpions bite. As the mountain shaked some snakes came down close to people temporary houses so we keep first aid for it but so far no body is hurt by snake.

All these things are doing by the money you sent to us. Now maize are getting greener and growing well so our people are more hopeful for life.