Weekly Wrap Up

Massey graduates from WHS

Congratulations Massey Graduates who attended WHS graduated from Massey University recently (the year on brackets was their last year at High).

Zoe Knighton, (2005), Bachelor of Design
Rebecca Bramley, (1998), Bachelor of Health Science
Marta Buda, (2001), Bachelor of Design
Lesley Gilliam, (2004), Bachelor of Design
Lai Lam, (1996), Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology
Katrin Schulze Boeing, (2003), Bachelor of Nursing (Student Nurses)
Jessica Sanderson, (2003), Bachelor of Performance Design
Jesse Cogswell, (2004), Bachelor of Design
Frances Benson, (1993), Master of Design
Debra Mitchell, (2006), Bachelor of Communication
Angela Baird, (1986), Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary
Amy Pietersma, (1996), Doctor of Philosophy (Sciences)
Ahmed Sofe, (2003), Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours)