Weekly Wrap Up

JYPT Update

Hi from Jinsan High School in Korea.

This school has 200 students (and it seems about 400 staff). Classes start at 7am and don’t finish until 11pm.Today we had the opening ceremony and have started the competition. The team are in 3rd place after round 1, just behind Onslow College.

Cheers Murray.
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[Update 16/08/2014]

We have now had 3 rounds out of 5. We have dropped to 5th place now. The scores are really close so we will try to get up to 3rd place tomorrow. It looks like Onslow and River Valley High School will be in the final as they are quite a bit ahead.

Scores are accessable at

[Update 16/08/2014 3:30pm]

After the 4th round we are on our own in 3rd place. Callum Davidson’s presentation today was really good and scored much better than his opposition yesterday. Joseph Ivory also scored well for his opposition this morning.

We could potentially catch up to second place, but more likely we will be in the playoff for 3rd tomorrow.

[Update 18/08/2014 3:30pm]

We had the playoff fight yesterday and won. So our final placing was third.

Jack presented Astroblaster again and did very well and Shakked opposed sand in a tube. Shakked scored all 9s! We were up against All Saints who won last year, so we really wanted to win. Jack, Shakked and Joseph have now beaten all the other schools.

Onslow won the final against River Valley so they will be bringing home the trophy.