Art and Drama

The school has a proud tradition of including the arts in the curriculum. This tradition started in 1886 ensuring that there would be a school in Wellington which permitted art classes and other creative activities. The first art teacher was Nairn from Scotland who became a renown landscape artist and for the 25 years

The first art teacher was Nairn, from Scotland, who became a renowned landscape artist. For 25 years, recognised New Zealand artist, Scot Rob McLeod, led the painting programme.

Today the Arts are real strengths to this day.

Visual Arts include painting, photography, sculpture and design. The students excel and regularly achieve scholarship grades in university entrance examinations. Art by students and New Zealand artists are displayed around the school.

Performing arts include jazz, wood and string groups, choirs, drama productions, a student Shakespeare Society, Kapa Haka, Music Evening, and film making.

The school offers many opportunities for students to perform publicly. Public performance demands excellence and strong group work – our students achieve both.

Nairn – Seascape

Rob MacLeod