Why Choose High #3We are co-educational:

  • Students from state coeds do better than single sex school students.
  • “Girls from state co-eds do the best of the lot” (Hughes Lauder & Strathdee).
  • “The average coeducational school is a happier community for both staff and pupils than the average single-sex school” (R.R Dale).
  • “Coeducational high schools provide a more natural social environment to prepare adolescents for adulthood than do single-sex schools” (H.W. Marsh).
  • “The causal factor of high attainment at single sex schools was a function of class and ability, not a function of single sex” (Eileen Byrne).
  • Family background was the most significant factor and students from similar backgrounds at coeducational schools did as well or better.
  • Coed schools are safer and happier.
  • Brothers and sisters can both attend.

Caregiver involvement in a child’s schooling between ages 5-16 is a more powerful force than family background, size of family and level of parent education.
99% of our students love being here.
Our own research shows students who start here in Yr 9 do up to 15% better than those who transfer in.
We prepare students for life beyond school.
Students can choose their own school clothes.
Why Choose High #2We have real strengths in the arts and technology.
We believe whanau is important – extensive research has shown that:

  • Children between 11 and 16 yrs with interested parents progressed between 15% and 17% more in reading and mathematics than others.

We offer a very broad curriculum and multiple pathways.
We value diversity and celebrate difference.
We play every secondary school sport.
We have all sorts of excellent drama and music opportunities.