The first full week of NZQA exams have been completed.   Students, please don’t forget to bring your exam slips as they are required to enter the exam.   The timetable for exams can be found here.

Year 9 and Year 10 students will be going off timetable in Weeks 7 & 8 for our annual “Short Courses”.  Staff will be taking students for 10 or 20 hour courses.  These courses include making Christmas goodie-boxes for charity, self-defence, international cooking and lots of others.

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International Activity Programme



Our International students went to the Orongorongos tramping overnight midweek.

As part of this programme they have also walked around Red Rocks, been ten-pin bowling and tried scuba diving in the Kilbirnie Pool.



Thank you Shona!

image (13)Each Yearimage (8) 9 Health class  is asked to create a class project to give back to the community.

This week, one Year 9 class thanked Shona for all the work she does for our school.  The class was divided into groups and each group came up with a way to say thank you with the the theme being “Turtles” as Shona has a beloved pet turtle, Snappy.  The
gifts included cupcakes and chocolate, a turtle themed card with messages from the students and a paddling pool for Snappy to play in.




The Rap Masters, students aka K-Dogg, H-Bomb, Lil’ Lemon, released their rap “Shona Rap”.



Another group compiled thank you messages into the video below.