Important Dates

5 June Queen’s Birthday – SCHOOL CLOSED
12 June Open Evening
19 June Board of Trustees Meeting
26 – 29 June Year 13 Play
30 June International Student’s Dinner
7 July Last day of Term 2
24 July First day of Term 3
26 July Senior Parent Teacher Interviews
31 July Junior Parent Teacher Interviews
7 August Blank Canvas Exhibition


WHS teacher, Anna Reeve, received a Certificate of Excellence at the recent Victory University Graduation ceremony.  The certificate acknowledges professional commitment and achievement of excellent performative in initial teacher education programme.  Congratulations, Anna!

Entertainment Books

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Assessment Extensions

Assessments are starting to come due for lots of students and we are starting to get questions about extensions.

If you will miss an assessment due to illness, family trauma or a school sporting/cultural activity you will need to apply for an extension. The extension form is at:


Students and staff went pink for a day on Friday the 26th May to support the Mental  Health Foundation’s Anti-Bullying Programme.
Staff room, cafeteria, and classes featured pink cupcakes, pink balloons and, in the case of Kelly 1, pink rosettes crafted by teacher Hannah Paton-Smith.
Pink Shirt Day is about working together to stop bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting positive social relationships.  It is about creating a community where all people feel safe, valued and respected, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability or cultural background.


 Diving Representative

Wellington High School student Liberty McIntyre-Reet is heading off to Singapore soon, representing NZ in an International diving competition.

Liberty and her Mum have been working hard on fundraising for this trip. They have set up a give a little page as the deadline is approaching fast.

Show your support either by giving a little or sharing this link!



Wellington Regional Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to the athletes who competed in the Regional Cross Country Championships this week.  Particular congratulations goes to:
Rohan Lane-Turnbull, Year 13, 5th in the AWD race
Gregory Stewart, Year 12,  7th in the AWD race
Sofia Sidoruk, Year 11, 3rd in the AWD Girls Cross Country
Lee Stanton-Barnett, Year 9, 5th in the Junior Boys 3km Cross Country event

Ultimate Team Announcement

New Zealand Ultimate has announced the Under 20 training squads who are aiming for the World Championships in Toronto.
All 5 WHS players who trialled have been selected for the squads from which teams will be selected to play a Trans-Tasman series in September and the World Champs a year later.
Congratulations to  Hazel Broadley,  Abi Liddell,  Rory Coxhill-Bogacki,  Matt Dench and  Reuben Orange!
From their coaches…
The WHS Ultimate players support each other and there is a whanau of players in the school, our best players consciously create a warm atmosphere in games and at practice for everyone. WHS players also bring their habit of reflective learning to their sport, they think about what they’re doing while they do it and, like with schoolwork, this makes room for personal excellence.
Ultimate is self-refereed, even by U20s, even at World Championships, so to play ultimate well each player must also referee well and our WHS New Zealand representative squad players all have the thoughtful respect for others on which the self-refereeing sport of Ultimate is founded.
We look forward to helping them however we can as they work with bodies and minds towards the further selection of teams to play a Trans-Tasman series in September and eventually the World Junior Ultimate Championships in Canada next year.


Wellington High School students including alumni Anya Bukholt-Payne have helped organize a National Climate Change Conference at VUW for NZ School Students from the 3rd – 4th June, 2017.

Many of our students are attending this conference and have been learning in lunchtimes and after school how best to tackle the coming Climate Change Challenge. Their interest in this topic was piqued by their work on the environmental challenges of Sustainable Agricultural production in NZ for the Growing NZ Innovation Challenge at the Royal Society of NZ. They have had in class support from expert speakers, climate scientists and environmental lawyers and activists.

Over the last few weeks, WHS  has hosted several guest speakers of national and international renown on the climate change challenge.

Meteorologist – Paul Bruce

Climate Meteorologist Paul Bruce spoke to our Kelly Whanau and Science Enrichment students, who were studying the effects of climate change in Antarctica via the first ever VUW MOOC on the topic.  Our Students were able to learn first-hand from Climate and Antarctic Scientists (via the online MOOC) and quizzed sustainable cities expert architects, futureintech ambassadors and climate scientists about how best to respond to the coming climate challenges.

Environmental Activist – Teall Crossen

Teall Crossen presented classroom and later lunchtime sessions about her journey from High School Environmental Activist to International Lawyer and UN Lobbyist on the issues of Climate Change to Pacific Island Nations. Teall told of her courtroom battles on behalf of Forest and Bird, of being arrested while legal counsel for Greenpeace International and negotiating for us at the United Nations climate change negotiations. While working for the Pacific.  Teall successfully lobbied the Security Council to recognize the threat to peace from climate change and achieved General Assembly consensus to protect coral reefs from warming seas.
Teall’s presentations were filled with passionate, enthusiastic climate change challengers who resolved to form an EcoClub to help save our planet from environmental and ecological catastrophes
Thank you to Teall, Paul and Anya for their ongoing work on Climate Change and a big shout out to Jane Shallcrass and Finn Teppett for their wonderful library hospitality and promotional posters.


A team of Wellington High School students recently won the 2017 Roxy5 Short Film Competition.  The team of year-10 students created a five-minute film called Shelter, about a group of friends connected by their issues at home.

The judging panel was led by Oscar-winner Jamie Selkirk,and they praised the Shelter team for their creative storytelling of a complex drama.

Congratulations to producer Grace Medlicott, director Finn Culver, and team members Rune Benzon, Zoe Crane, Cerys Wiles, Nadya Macey, Emily Rosemergy and Thomas Woodward.