Important Dates

  • 2 May : First day of Term 2
  • 6 May : Nominations Open for Board of Trustee Election
  • 16 – 20 May : Shakespeare Society Production
  • 24 May: Altered timetable for contributing schools visit
  • 31 May : Altered timetable for SWIS Visit
  • 6 June : Queen’s Birthday
  • 7 June : Year 11 Drama Production
  • 13 June : Open Evening
  • 20 June : Year 12 Drama Production


From Deputy Chair, Deanne Daysh.
School Boards of Trustees are a central part of New Zealand’s schools. Together the Board and Principal form the leadership team of the school. The Board is a governance body, focussing on the vision and strategic direction of the school while the Principal leads the management of the school, making the operational decisions to implement strategy.
Being a school trustee is an important role that needs people with a range of skills and experiences and in order that the Board reflects our community, ideally we want a good balance of gender, ethnicity and skills.
 At Wellington High School, the Board of Trustees work to promote the culture and ethos of Wellington High School. We  focus on student achievement and support educational opportunities for all students in our school. 
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Trustees you should be prepared to make a contribution to the work of the Board, to act as part of a governance team, have the skills to ask the right questions and be prepared to participate in making decisions. Specific skills are not a requirement, however governance experience, financial management and legal skills are useful. 
We would like to really encourage people to put their names forward to be nominated for election to our school board.

For further details about the process have a look at the Board of Trustees Newsletter


Greetings everyone.SCP_20160304_2095 (1)

A very busy term has come to an end and it would be fair to say that students and teachers are both looking forward to a holiday. This term has been particularly demanding as the school roll has grown significantly over recent years and this year we have 1200 students attending the school, which is nearly 150 more than last year. To cater for this growth we have employed additional teachers who bring new ideas and new perspectives to the school that enrich our learning culture. Equally, every new student to the school enriches our student body and encourages that all important social learning that is a significant part of the hidden curriculum of schools.

As we approach the winter terms I do need to comment about attendance at school. Looking at school wide data it is noteworthy that last year the whole school attendance rate was 85% which essentially means that if an individual student attended 85% of the time, they are missing almost one day of instruction each week. It is hard to sustain engagement in learning if a lesson a week is missed and of course achievement is affected too. Please do all you can to ensure your young person is at school every day.

I wish everyone a very enjoyable and relaxing break and hope the autumn weather is kind to us all.

Nga mihi nui.

Nigel Hanton


(picture credit from this article.)

Picture credit

Once again, Qona Christie, Wellington High School’s champion judoka has had massive success in Australia at the OJU Championships.  Her medal haul included three golds (Cadet U52, Aust vs NZ Cadet team and Aust vs NZ Junior Women Team) and one silver in Junior Women U52.

Well done, Qona.  We are very pleased for you!


Another international sporting congratulations goes to Di Jordan, (International Homestay Coordinator and former Sports Coordinator) and Chuni Bhikha (Careers Advisor) who both competed in their respective hockey teams at the Master’s Games in Canberra.  Di’s team came home with a silver medal.


Presentation SWIS

Alka Nana-Ahirao and Siobhan Peacock, WHS Year 13 students, have been working, for the last six months, with South Wellington Intermediate School to redesign of their logo.  The new logo has now been officially implemented by the Board of Trustees at SWIS.   Congratulations to Alka and Siobhan on a successful project and to SWIS on their fantastic new logo.



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WHS newest drama based class is called Toi and it takes Year 11, 12 and 13 students through all facets of drama production from makeup to ushering, from lighting to character creation.  The students have been working on their horror makeup with the zombie results below.

20160408_131431 20160408_130553 20160408_130156 20160408_125920 (1)

Year 13 drama students performed their monologues for assessment as well with Amelia Earhart, George Bush and Rudolf Nureyev among others appearing in the Riley Centre.

Alex Lyth Houdini Gabriel Stewart John Milton Lucy and Sabine as Jane Toppan Malia Pepper McBride as Marie Antoinette Millie Gardner as Amelia Earhart


On Thursday mIMG_0045orning this lovely group of Classics students and three staff members left Wellington at 5am to fly to Europe on the first International Classics trip for WHS.  They are away for the majority of the holidays and we will bring you more pictures of their adventures next term.

On Friday, the annual student trip to Nepal headed off to the sights and sounds of Tibet.  We will also follow them up next term.