Important Dates

20 February Te Whanau a Taraika hui
20 – 24 February Year 9 Noho Marae (first group)
2 March Athletics Day
4 April Learning Conversations
6 March Year 9 Noho Marae (second group)
14 March Junior Girls Netball Trials
15  & 17 March Senior Girls Netball Trials
13 April Last Day of Term 1


If your student is absent, you can let us know in three ways
Phone:  04 802 7673
If your student is late at the start of the day or after interval & lunch, they need to come to Level 5 to the late room where they will be issued with a ‘green slip’.
If you are taking your student out of school for family holidays during the school term, please email the Principal on before taking your student out of class.  It si


There is a stomach bug going around at the moment.  Please note the below, particularly the return to school time.
  • Symptoms appear after 1–3 days
  • Infectious while vomiting and diarrhoea last, and up to 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Keep student home until well and for 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting

Please remind your student about handwashing and not sharing drink bottles.

For more information go to Ministry of Health Website

Assessment Calendar and Parent Portal

Assessment calendars are available for the senior students on the portal.  Students should have all their internal assessments for the year added to their school google calendar.  Please check that they know how to access this.
Under the Reports tab on the portal, students can view the ‘assessment statements’ for each course that they are doing. To find these go to Reports – Assessment Statements – a .pdf should download with the statements.
The parent portal link is here.

Drama Camp - Year 13

Fifteen students and teachers Allie Hodge and Jania Bates spent three days at Waimanaaki Camp, Riversdale Beach in the Wairarapa this week.

The camp is a valuable opportunity to work exclusively on senior solo performances for assessment later this term.