Course Choice BookletYr 11-13 subject choice booklets are produced in September each year for the courses that will be offered the following year. It includes:

  • NCEA requirements
  • School requirements
  • Prerequisites
  • Course content
  • The assessment with each courses

Senior Course Choices 2018

WHS Year 11 Course Planner

WHS Year 12-13 Course Planner

Future Focus Afternoon – Monday 4 September 2017

Please come to our Future Focus afternoon on Monday 4 September from 3.45pm to 5.45pm. To ensure you and your student get access to the information you need, each Learning Area will be allocated a room over two levels of the main block of the school (levels 3 & 4). In those allocated rooms:

  • Each faculty will make the same presentation every 15 minutes
  • Each presentation will begin with a brief talk (3-5 minutes) from the HoF about the Learning Area and the course selections available.
  • This will be followed by some time for questions and answers. At the end of the 15 minutes, the presentations will begin again.

This means there will be ample opportunity to hear from all the faculties of interest to your student in the order that best suits you.

To find your way to the rooms being used you will need to head towards the main reception at the school and then descend the stairwell to your left. This will take you to Level 4 and Level 3.