Important Dates

Monday 20 August: BoT Meeting
Friday 24 August — Thursday 30 August: Senior Practice Exams (Y11-13)
Friday 31 August: Mid-term break — School closed

Important Information

Parking for Mopeds and Motorbikes

If you bring a moped or motorbike to school and park on the school grounds, you need to register your licence plate and provide your driver’s licence to Paula in the Main office before Friday 17 August.

From Monday 20 August, parking tickets will be issued to any unregistered mopeds and motorbikes. Parking ticket fine is $50.00.


School Buses

If you are experiencing problems with school buses, please note that Wellington Schools’ have no control over the school bus service. Please contact Metlink directly with your concerns/complaints.


What’s happening?

Saskia Ymker gives back to WHS

Science Alumni and former student, Saskia Ymker (from the class of 2008) returned to WHS to share her latest research with our school, staff and students. She remembered warmly the classes, labs and teachers that helped her get to the top in research at Victoria University of Wellington. She is finishing her Masters in the School of Biological Science and looking forward to completing her research into the Epigenetic Effects on Neurological Conditions. Our students were wowed by her presentation, asked many tricky questions and relished the opportunity to discuss Postgraduate research at VUW. A huge thanks to Thom Adams for organising and managing Outreach from VUW to Wellington Schools and Communities of Learning – and to Saskia for returning to Wellington High to meet and mentor our students and show them a pathway to success in science and medical research.





City Mission Food Drive

We are running a food drive for Wellington City Mission, this is also a competition between Riley, Royal, Howell & Kelly.  Please drop your food goods off to the boxes labeled at Reception – Riley is currently in the lead!

Here is a link to the website with a list of items that are wanted:




Spring has arrived in the school garden and WelTec students are painting the much needed new potting shed that they have built for Wellington High School.





Nepal Trip

The Nepal trip was more than anything I expected.  It is hard to put into words, but it was most definitely a life-changing experience.

Before the trip, there were several new faces to me, in some ways, it was nerve-wracking as you’re walking into something that is completely foreign to you.  But without these emotions and feelings prior to the trip, I feel it wouldn’t have been the same. Our group became comfortable quickly and it truly felt like a family unit.  Together we experienced new parts and stages of life and we knew we all had each other’s backs.

Our trip was filled with many exciting adventures including us nearly missing our flight to Kathmandu, exploring the local chaotic streets of Nepal, completing an eight-day trek to Annpurna Base Camp and being immersed in the amazing culture of Nepal.

We have shared so many incredible memories together that will never be forgotten.

I couldn’t be more confident in saying that the Nepal trip is worth it all.  I thank every single person on the trip for making it as special as it was.

Written by Lolo Owen


Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA! awards

Year 12 student Sophie Mance has won the Summerset Group Gold Scholarship at the recent regional competition. The scholarship provides $5000 towards tuition fees in a course of her choice. The competition is open to high school and undergraduate students under the age of 25. Each entrant gave a 6 minute speech on a science or technology topic. Sophie’s topic was “Nanomedicine: a novel approach to treating non-communicable diseases.”



National Chinese Bridge Speech competition

Year 13 student Seth Robertson claimed second place in the 2018 national Chinese Bridge Speech competition in Auckland last Saturday 4 August. He will be going on to Kunming, China to compete at the international championships in October. Coincidentally, Seth will already be in Beijing from August the 22nd studying at a local school, after gaining the NZ Language Immersion Scholarship award in 2017.

In his speech, he shared his journey about learning Chinese. He told a story about how he used his language skills and turned a tricky situation around. Consequentially, he formed an unexpected connection with a total stranger.  He says that learning a new language has opened up many more opportunities for him, and encourages others to do the same.

Seth is one of the only two high school students in New Zealand to have successfully passed HSK level 4 Chinese proficiency exam last year. He would like to use his Chinese and work as a diplomat in the future.

Seth has mixed feelings about leaving school before all of his classmates but is excited that he is going to China for an entirely new adventure.  He has made all the teachers and students at Wellington High School very proud.



NZ Physics Team wins bronze in China

It’s back to school this week for the three Wellington High School students, returning from China with hard-fought bronze medals. Competing in the 31st International Young Physicists’ Tournament,  Ensai August, Zuni Preece and Luke Roeven made up the bulk of Team New Zealand, having won the National Tournament back in March.

With temperatures in the high 30’s and unbelievable humidity, the teams were literally sweating it out in Physics Fights which saw teams presenting solutions to their peers.  

Jurors and officials consistently complimented the team on their positive attitude and friendliness. Team NZ narrowly missed out on the silver position but were relieved to have finished well ahead of Australia.





Te Papa Exhibition

A new exhibition has been co-created with teenagers from Wellington High School at Te Papa,  See the te Papa blog “How to design an exhibition for teens? Co-create it with them”

Images of misfits and outcasts are explored through the works of renowned New Zealand artist, Tony Fomison. The exhibition includes well-known and less familiar works painted by Fomison, as well as never-before-seen video footage of the artist at work, and spaces for people to respond in conversation with the teens working on the show.


Wellington Road Race

Congratulations to Lee Stanton Barnett who gained 8th place in the Intermediate Boys Under 16 grade at the College Sport Wellington Road Race yesterday. The Road Race was held at Trentham Memorial Park in Upper Hutt.

Winter Sports

Most of our sports are heading in the quarterfinals round this week, so some of them are going to be playing from home in the semi finals.  Best of luck to all of our teams playing this weekend.

Just a reminder that all playing uniforms will be collected at their last game, these are to be given to your coach, so please remind your child to bring a change of clothes.

Summer Sports

Summer Sports sign up sheets are now up on the sports noticeboard, the sports on offer are Cricket, Volleyball (Juniors Only), Futsal (Juniors Only), Tennis, Tennis Lessons, Ultimate Frisbee and Yoga.  To be eligible to play a summer sport, all sports fees must be paid up to date.


Sport and Cultural Photos

The Sports and Cultural Photos will take place on Tuesday 21 August in the Riley Centre from 10 am.  A timetable of the photos is up in your child’s Rōpū room. Can they please remember to bring their playing uniforms to change into for their photo.

Community Notices

Rail Safety Week (13-19 August 2018)

To mark Rail Safety Week we wanted to remind students and whanau of the importance of always looking for trains when crossing railway tracks, and particularly taking care to look for the second train.

The message this Rail Safety Week is back to basics – ‘Look right, look left for trains”.

It’s also really important to always wait until the bells and lights have stopped operating before crossing.

This link to a Drax Project music video is an excellent way to show how we can all stop, look and think when getting across a level crossing, and particularly how important it is to not use headphones around railway tracks.

For younger children, as well as looking and listening before crossing, please make it clear to them that if bells and lights are going, it’s because a second train could be coming and it’s not safe to cross.

Thank you for your support in spreading these safety messages.

For more information about safe behaviour around tracks and trains, see