Important Dates:

Monday 27 November: Board of Trustees Meeting

Tuesday 28 November: No Principals – fund raiser for Nepal

Thursday 30 November: Yr 10 Rōpū Activities

Friday 1 December:  Last day of senior exams
Year 9 – Scorching Bay
Year 10 Activity Day, Amazing Race and Picnic at Oriental Bay

 Friday 8 December:  Junior Prizegiving and last day of school for 2017




Last week 5 students, Xandi Gobbi, Rosa Donovan-Roelants, Ella Blakely, Daniel Sellen and Nadya Macey, went for the day to Victoria University’s school of Chemical and Physical Sciences to find out about very small particles.

The day was split up into 2 parts.  In the first session the lecturer was very engaging, fascinating the students with the very small and the very large. He got them carrying out calculations in their heads and challenged them to think about Science in a different way.

During this session, Nadya came up with a new name for 15 billion – a Killion which the lecturer (Andy) said he will be using in his lectures. They worked out the number of atoms in a mole and then in a galaxy. Ella recorded the number of atoms in a galaxy on the whiteboard which included 63 zeros!

In the second session, they turned non-magnetic solutions of iron (II) and (III) into a magnetic compound. Then, using a magnetic stirrer, they changed a gold compound into gold nanoparticles which made the solution turn a very pale violet then pink and finally ruby coloured. They particularly enjoyed doing the experiments in the chemistry lab with, as Xandi said, ‘very funky science equipment he hadn’t seen before’. Xandi was the fastest student to make the model of the buckyball and they beat the other school at placing photos of objects correctly from smallest to largest.


On Wednesday this week our Yr 9 Spanish class  were cooking pizza, the recipe was all in  Spanish!


Photos of year 11 student, Pipes Marsland-Ternent, competing in the Wellington Race of the NZ North Island Downhill Series on November 18th.  He placed in the top ten of that race competing against mainly older riders. There are two more races to go in Auckland to complete the series, with the next one being on December 2nd.

Good Luck for your upcoming races Pipes!!


Music night to raise funds for the orphanage we support in Nepal

Where: Meow Cafe

When: Tuesday 28th Nov

Who: No Principals

Time: 8pm to 10pm

Door charge: $10

No Principals are an exceptionally polished semi-professional four piece band, playing music by The Beatles, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Doors and other 60’s and 70’s greats. The members are Dominic Killalea, Andrew Savage, Fritz Wollner and Whakamarurangi Chadwick – managed by Denis Wright. Everyone welcome!

All members are from the current teaching staff at Wellington High School and are proud to be associated with this great cause.


Helping your teens cope with stress:

If your student is feeling stressed by the current exams, have a look at this short video for a few tips on coping with stress.


We have been reviewing our strategic plan this year and we invite your comment in a brief survey attached. It is anticipated that the new plan will be in place early in 2018.