Union Meeting for PPTA/NZEI

We will be closing at 12.20pm on Tuesday 6 September 2016 for union members from PPTA and NZEI to meet for the purposes of being briefed on the Governments proposed Global Budget funding for schools.

There will be supervision available, in the school library, for those students who require it.

Important Dates

  • 6 September : PPTA/NZEI Paid Union Meeting. School closes at 12.20pm
  • 14 September : Learning Conversations part i
  • 22 September : Music Evening
  • 23 September : Last day of Term 3.
  • 23 September : Learning Conversations part ii for Senior Ropus only.
  • 23 September : Year 11 – 13 School Reports on Portal
  • 10 October : First day Term 4
  • 15 October : Senior Ball


Wednesday 14 September

Bookings for learning conversations can be made at http://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/ (there is a link to this site on the whanau tab of the school website) by entering the code bu3wa. Bookings are made by choosing the year level then the rōpū teacher.

All students should be involved in Learning Conversations on Wednesday 14 September. The Learning Conversation takes place between the student, the student’s rōpū teacher and parent(s) / caregiver(s). Students will only be at school on this day for their learning conversation. Each learning conversation takes between 15-20 minutes. Please make the effort to support this event.

The second learning conversation focuses on the goals set earlier in the year and is a chance for the student to showcase work supporting their learning. In addition, for students in years 10 – 12 there is a future focus with course selection and exam preparation a consideration. Students in Year 13 will also be engaged in conversations around pathway planning and exam preparation.


VicPoetry_logoCongratulations to Eva Poland in the The National Schools Poetry Award.  This award has been providing a forum for young writers since 2003.

You can read her poem here : King Country – Eva Poland

From their website:

While the Poetry Award has changed shape over the years, it keeps what is best and constant at its centre – the excellent quality of writing from our senior students and the exceptional poets who have chosen to be part of the Award. Poets who have contributed as judges, masterclass coordinators or workshop tutors include: Bill Manhire, Anna Jackson, Cilla McQueen, Bernadette Hall, Jenny Bornholdt, Gregory O’Brien, James Brown, Glenn Colquhoun, Andrew Johnston, Paula Green, Chris Price, Hinemoana Baker, Cliff Fell and Nina Powles.

The Poetry Award is a significant creative opportunity offered to every senior secondary student in New Zealand. The energy and clarity of the work produced is exciting. Whether addressing family or friends, world-shaking events or intimate relationships, the poems are delivered with style, wit and courage.




After this mornings large quake off Te Araroa, it is timely to remind WHS families to be prepared.

Have a look at our EARTHQUAKE RESILIENCE page.  We strongly encourage our families to make a good, flexible and clear emergency plan for what happens in the event of a big earthquake or something similar. Everyone in your family should know where to meet up in the event of a large earthquake during school hours, and who will pick up Year 9 and 10 students from school.

It is also a good idea to refresh your knowledge about tsunami evacuation HERE.  Remember, If you feel a long or strong earthquake, and you are in a tsunami evacuation zone, immediately get out of tsunami zones. If there is blue line, go past the line! An earthquake can be the only warning of a pending tsunami.




Tess Breitenmoser was part of the medal-winning WHS physics team of 201Tess5 and was selected to represent NZ at the International Physics Tournament in Thailand. She was then selected to attend the prestigious Royal Society’s Powering Potential science camp. Most importantly she was awarded a full scholarship and chosen to represent New Zealand in July 2016 at the London International Youth Science Forum in London, England. The trip included visits to Cambridge University and to the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tess wrote to the school recently:

“I am emailing you from my room in London, where I am now officially halfway through LIYSF. The conference is amazing! It is unbelievably inspiring and exciting. We have heard from professors at the forefront of the quest for fusion, who have lead the team that landed a spacecraft on a comet, and helped to use brain scanning in Gambia to see the effects of malnourishment on children. There was a presentation from a 16 year old participant who believes that he has not only found a way to better detect Alzheimer’s early, but also delay its onset. I have already learnt so much and met so many people it is ridiculous. But I think more than anything else, this conference has helped me to truly understand how global science is.

More than anything, I feel so grateful to be here. I am surrounded by phenomenal, inspiring people, from all over the world. But I know so many people in New Zealand who deserve to be here no less than I do. Now I am just trying to get the most out of it I possibly can, so that they did not miss out in vain.

London is amazing, such a dynamic and beautiful city. I have so far had the chance to go on the London Eye, the V&A, the Tate Modern, the British Tate and much more. But what I have enjoyed the most has been just wandering through the streets, never quite knowing where I am heading, let alone where I will end up! There are so many amazing places and sights that I would never have the opportunity to see otherwise. It is also really fantastic being able to have these experiences with so many incredible young people from all over the world. The other night I went to Wicked with another New Zealander, a boy from Saudi Arabia, a girl from Israel and two girls from Cyprus!

It is pretty sad to think that I only have six days left there, though I am so excited to visit Paris and Geneva.”