Thursday of week three saw lots of action at lunchtime with three events happening at the same time; guest speakers in the library, trade fair in the foyer and a well-being event in the hall.

Our sports teams have also been busy.  You can find out all about sports news here.

Ball tickets for the 2015 Senior Ball have gone on sale at student services.  More details here.

We have also received a health advisory regarding the influenza virus that has hit the Wellington region.  The information they have sent out can be found on our website here.  With winter showing no signs of slowing down, this is important information.


image (1)At lunchtime on Thursday, the WHS Library hosted Nicky Hager, investigative journalist and author and Dr Mike Joy, Senior Lecturer in Ecology at Massey University.  They spoke to a large group of students about the difference they can make in the world particularly by making use of research skills.  Even having come from very different backgrounds, they both agree; anyone can make a difference.

They also fielded diverse questions from the audience including what it was like to come head-to-head with some powerful opposition in NZ (answer…the nastiness is hurtful but the good people outweigh the bad!)  and what we can do as individuals to help our environment (answer…stop consuming animal products).

Thanks to the Library Staff for putting on another fantastic lunchtime event.


Year 12 health students Niamh, Amber & Stella ran a lunchtime event in conjunction with Zeal, in order to promote student well-being.  The event was held in the Riley Centre  and had music, games and a photobooth all in a fun and  stress-free environment.
Zeal is a youth organisation which describes itself as “A family of passionate, creative misfits who believe that every young kiwi is creative and who dedicate our lives to helping them discover, express and develop their unique creativity.” You can find out more about them on

Zeal grou
Zeal red group back red zeal   IMG_0715 (1)



Thursday lunchtime saw  Year 11 business studies students running a Trade Fair in the foyer.

Students are askedP_20150806_123930_HDR  to think of a small business idea, then working in groups they turn their business idea into reality by writing a business plan and then carrying it out.

Products being sold at the Trade Fair  included homemade ginger beer, fruit drinks, chocolates and art pens.  Other products sold were imported designer bucket hats and up-cycled11824034_463117620532228_335248059_n bags. One student, selling mobiles designed specifically for babies and made from recycled silk, has been successfully selling her product on her own website.

Fizzy Fruit Helena, Shania and Kennedy