HW Ideas – Arts


  • Photograph your parents or siblings
  • Draw your parents
  • Play a game of Pictionary
  • Play the folding game of drawing a crazy creature
  • Play eye spy
  • Spot the difference puzzles
  • Take your kids to a show or an exhibition
  • Make a sandcastle at the beach
  • Build a sculpture from the recycling


  • Mini recital of a piece with friends and family on an afternoon followed by afternoon tea
  • Take your child to a free concert in the community
  • Visit a music shop together
  • Go to the town library and look through the huge selection of free music
  • Share a favourite song
  • Play for a children’s hospital or rest home
  • Go busking
  • Busk at home while your parents cook dinner
  • Do an online YouTube tutorial and learn a song


  • Read lines out loud with a parent to test memory
  • Have a game of charades with family members
  • Check character accent or voice style with someone from home, try and be as believable as possible
  • Teach your family theatre sports or one of the drama games
  • Mime your dinnertime conversation
  • Interview parent/grandparent/older family member for character details and development
  • Watch TV with a family member (if it’s relevant to study eg listening to accents, or studying a genre e.g. soap opera, a drama)
  • Have a conversation in a made up language
  • Go to a play
  • Make a puppet out of a sock try it out on family
  • Ask family members for suggestions for theme music and act in the style of that music for 10 minutes
  • Copy someone in detail for 10 minutes
  • Go to a public place and observe people for 20 minutes then make up a story about the people you see