Wellington High School seeks to develop a comprehensive list of ex-pupils and staff regardless of which intstitution they attended over the last 125 years.

Despite the different names: Wellington College of Design, Wellington Technical College and Wellington High all had a similar goal – to provide an excellent education which was relevant and quipped the students for the time in which they lived.

Famous ex students include:

Eric Tindill (WTC) double international Rugby and Cricket and international referee for rugby and cricket

Sir Jon Trimmer (WTC) ballet dancer

Keith Sainsbury (WHS) researcher and winner of the 2005 Japan Prize for fisheries research

Mr MacDonald Len Lye (WTC) kinetic sculpture

Peter Leitch The Mad Butcher

Luisa Burgess (WHS) actor

Jon Toogood (WHS)

Tom Larkin (WHS)

Shihad (WHS) Band

King Kapisi (WHS) singer

Joseph Chuchwood(WTC) 1946 – 1950 pioneer of hand drawn fonts of type designer – world expert

Len Lye (WTC) kinetic sculpture