7 August 
Blank Canvas Exhibition
25 – 31 August
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1 September
Mid-term Break
4 September
Future Focus Evening
4 – 8 September 
Winter Tournament Week
20 September 
Learning Conversations 2


Wellington High School students can access this database for FREE, but only from a WHS IP address ie they must use it at WHS.

More than 4,000 opportunities for scholarships included on this database.


Year 13 student, Kate Mills-Workman organised a panel of five local political candidates to address interested staff and students at lunchtime in the library.The parties represented were, in no particular order:

Labour, National, United Future, Greens & The Opportunity Party.

It is evident that political apathy is not a problem at Wellington High as the library was overflowing.

The candidates addressed questions from the audience that included their policy on Mental Health services.  Thanks go to Kate for a wonderfully organised event, to the candidates for their time and to the library staff for hosting the event.




Sam Power, Year 11, earned a silver medal in the under 81kg category at the National Secondary Schools Judo Championship.  Well done, Sam!

Elijah Martin, Year 9, participated in the Digital Tech ICAS assessment and his results have put him in the top 1% of students. Congratulations, Elijah!


Newlands Exchange

Wednesday 9 August, we will be conducting our first sporting exchange with Newlands College. This is a modest exchange with only a few sports. We are hoping to build on this in future years.

It is thanks to Sports Captains, Briony Smith and Ben Roberts, whose idea this was!

Sports Draw 

Sports Draw – Week 2




Norma McLean, Year 11, recently had some work published in the EONZ publication called Te Whakatika (previously called Out and About). The recent issue was a special edition surrounding gender and EOTC/outdoor education/education. The magazine reprinted the speech she made for the Anti-Rape protest in front of parliament earlier this year.

The editor of the magazine said her piece (as well as a reflection article written by four of our students involved with the protest) was “some of the most powerful writing by young people that I have come across”.

You can read Norma’s piece h ere:  Te Whakatika Issue 34, 2017 

Please note there is a mistake regarding the naming of the both of the schools (WHS – which was called WGC & WEGC). The editor has apologised for this & will make an amendment in the next edition.