7 July Last day of Term 2
24 July First day of Term 3
26 July Senior Parent Teacher Interviews
31 July Junior Parent Teacher Interviews
7 August Blank Canvas Exhibition
25 – 31 August Senior Exams
1 September Mid-term Break
4 September Future Focus Evening


“If you found out you had a terminal illness, what would your dying wish be? For many, the bucket list might include visiting those places you’ve always dreamed of, meeting your idols or just cramming as much fun as possible into the time you had left.

Eva McGauley, however, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2015, has just one, quite different wish – to create a safer world for the loved ones she will leave behind.”  (from  Read the article HERE.

Eva has launched her website ( and has gained international attention for her incredible work.  Once you’ve had a look at why we need this service, met the team of young people changing the world, and followed Eva’s Blog, you’ll want to know how to contribute.

Donate to EvasWish at and pre-order some merchandise at



We are calling for volunteers to be Reader/Writers for our students with Special Assessment Conditions in their practice exams.  This year we have over 80 students with Special Assessment Conditions.

The practice exams are being held from Friday 25th to Thursday 31st August.
If you would like to help our students achieve their full potential by being a Reader/Writer, please email by Friday 28 July.
Volunteers will be required to complete an application form and undergo a Police Check.  Training and guidelines around being a Reader/Writer can be arranged if required.
If you wish to volunteer on a regular basis to be a Reader/Writer for internal assessments, we would love to hear from you also.


Do you or your family and friends use Snapchat? If so, it might be a good idea to check your settings. 
They have just introduced a new tool called Snap Maps. Snap Maps is a way to share your location with Snapchat friends. Anyone you are friends with on Snapchat can now see where you are located (e.g. home address ). Check your settings, so you can continue to use it safely. 
Find out how to update your settings so only selected friends can view your location, or hide your location completely using Ghost Mode:
You can also get advice on using Snapchat safely on Netsafe’s website:


WHS Year 10 Students are working with other schools to solve a multidimensional, virtual reality (MDVR) physics problem at Hinatore – Te Papa’s Hi-Tech Learning Lab.

Jessie Robieson, Te Papa’s Learning Innovation Specialist, described it as a “programme based around using  HTC vive and SculptrVR to create a collaborative, geo-remote, physics puzzle with a group of Year 10 students separated in time and space.” Our students just called it fun as they rocketed, ricocheted and rappelled around the immersive 3D hyperspace. They mastered the (VR) weapons, tools and hang glider functions effortlessly during the hands-on workshop.

Next, our students will be issued a physics challenge that they need to collaborate on to achieve involving a giant hollowed out obelisk, a range of rockets and a strange flying ball that can assume infinite, minimal or no space at all.


On Tuesday 27 June, the Science Enrichment students from Year 9 went to the zoo to meet the world-renowned conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall. It was an amazing experience.

Dr Jane Goodall made history in the 1960s with a unique study about chimpanzees in Tanzania which is now the world’s longest-running wildlife project. She and some others spoke to us at the Wild Theatre in the zoo for roughly two hours about student-driven conservation programmes and learn how to get involved. We learned about how human activity affects the earth and ways we can help it with even little changes helping our environment.

We all need to work together to make a difference.


Dr. Jane Goodall is truly an inspiration, her work is both amazing and extremely monumental in the world of Science. She currently travels the world trying to reach out to youth, raising awareness of the chaos humans have plunged this earth into. She explained to us the window of time we have before it’s too late and how we must use it to protect our environment and save this planet. She talked to us about her ‘Roots & Shoots’ programme, a programme she founded in 1991, it aims to inspire young people to make a difference in their community by addressing the issues that matter most in their community.                                                      

 Ursula Steeds, Year 9