Important Dates

6 March Year 9 Noho Marae (second group)
7 & 8 March Boys Football Trials
14 March Junior Girls Netball Trials
14 March CSW Western Zone Athletics
15  & 17 March Senior Girls Netball Trials
4 April Learning Conversations
5 April Otago University Maths Competition
13 April Last Day of Term 1
1 May First day of Term 2
3 May Junior Parent Teacher Interviews
8 May Senior Parent Teacher Interviews

Athletics Carnival

The weather turned on a cooler day for the annual Athletics Carnival.  We will post photographs and results as soon as they become available.

Fresh Avocado Limerick Challenge

The first challenge for 2017 is a little different: Write a limerick about some aspect of life at WHS, or that is ‘set’ in this school.  We’ll publish the best ones (not necessarily just one from each year level).

Your limericks can be ‘fictional’ – they don’t have to be based on true events!  For more information, see the Fresh Avocado Website 

Whooping Cough: What you need to know

Wellington has had a spike in the number of whooping cough diagnosis recently.  Please note the information below:

* Anyone with a persistent cough should see their doctor, and remain away from school or work until the doctor is sure it is not whooping cough.

* All children should be up-to-date with their whooping cough immunisations and are advised to check with their family doctor. Immunisation is given at six weeks, three months, five months and a booster at age four and 11.

* Boostrix vaccine is also recommended and free for pregnant women between (28-38) weeks of pregnancy to reduce their risk of getting the disease and passing it onto their newborn baby. The vaccine provides protection pre and post-delivery to mother and up to six weeks post delivery for baby.

* Boostrix vaccine is recommended but not funded for; early child care workers, health professionals that care for young children, families with newborn babies.

* Whooping cough is usually characterised by a cough lasting longer than two weeks with spasms of coughing ending in vomiting or difficulty breathing. This is often accompanied by a whooping sound. Don’t wait until someone has had the cough for more than two weeks before checking it out. Adults can also get whooping cough but usually do not have the classical whooping and vomiting after bouts of coughing.

* If you have any queries please contact your family doctor or practice nurse, or phone the Communicable Disease Team (Public Health Nurse or Medical Officer) on 04 570 9002.

Hosting an International Student

Wellington High School has been receiving international students to study in New Zealand since the 1950s and has a well-established reputation around the world for looking after international students and ensuring they meet their academic goals.

Sue and Rusty Wallace have been host parents with Wellington High School and recently celebrated 20 years of hosting.  You can read about their experience  HERE

Teacher Aide to Special Olympics

WHS teacher aide, Rebecca Heath, is heading to the 2017 Special Olympics.    As a fundraiser, she
has been making and selling ‘Kiwiana’ coffee plunger cosies !

Visit the website to make an order.

She will also have a stall this weekend, 5 March, Green Street,  Newtown during the Newtown Fair