Once each term a group of parents and school staff meet whose main aim is to support and lift achievement of Māori students.

We try to do this by supporting whānau, students and the school. For example, we hold information evenings about NCEA to help parents, and students, understand NCEA. We seek views of whānau and students about school, their needs and future goals and work through ideas to address these.  We support the kapa haka and te reo teachers, support school Matariki activities and the student end of year prize giving events.  And we are currently working on an online te reo resource for WHS students and whānau.

We would like to invite all whānau to come along, meet other parents and members of the school staff. Everyone is welcome. The meetings are interesting and organised, but there is no obligation to take part, or to put your hand up for activities. We try to identify and carry out activities that will be valuable to whānau, students and the school to raise student achievement.

In any one year, around 17% of the Wellington High School roll is Māori. In addition, both Māori and non-Māori students take part in activities such as kapa haka and learning te reo. We are very keen to do our best to support these students and these activities.


Whānau Hui dates 2019

Whānau Hui dates will be as follows:

  • Term 1: Monday 18 February
  • Term 2: Monday 20 May
  • Term 3: Monday 5 August
  • Term 4: Tuesday 29 October


Whakanuia Prizegiving 2018

Ka pai to all our Māori students who received awards in our Whakanuia celebrations this year. Photos from the event and a full list of prizewinners can be accessed below:


Latest Whānau Hui Minutes

Wellington High School
Te Kura Tuarua o Taraika ki Pukeahu
Whānau Hui : Term 1 2019
18 February 2019

  • Year 9 Te Ao Māori course report for 2018 by Whakamarurangi:
    • Resulted in 2 Te Reo Māori classes in year 10 for 2019 (typically 1 class at year 10)
    • Successful course from teacher perspective and largely positive response from students
  • Year 10-12 immersion class report 2018:
    • This course is content driven; by interests of students in class
    • 2019 will be year 9-12 students
  • 2019 WHS roll includes approx. 150 Māori students
  • Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori at WHS in 2019:
    • The 2018 programme was a success and the school is keen to offer a slot to interested parents/whānau who have a skill or subject area to share in 2019. Whānau who are interested please contact Whakamarurangi (teacher, Languages faculty)
  • Kapa Haka:
    • Big focus for 2019
    • 40 students interested to date
  • 2019 whānau chair:
    • Tim Poi
  • School signage (bilingual) and Aroha Taraika projects:
    • Annette to contact Crane Amaru (former whānau member involved in Aroha Taraika project) to assess where project is up to. Kōrero/stories need to be clarified for design of next stage. (Update:  Crane attempted to contact Michael Harcourt and Ben but was unable to reach them.  School to follow up as Crane has moved on from WHS.)
    • School expressed desire for whānau to progress signage project. Suggestion from parents that projects such as signage have ownership by school and parents in partnership.
  • Visitor from WCC Wharewaka:
    • WCC Wharewaka employs young people both full and part time
    • Offers course with NCEA credits, experience in public speaking, improving/restoring links to Māori/culture
  • Other:
    • Term 2 whānau hui Monday 20 May 2019
    • The Community of Learning/COL (WHS and other local schools working collaboratively) could perhaps benefit WHS Māori teaching. But COL is in its early stages.

Everyone is welcome to attend whānau hui, students, whānau members and staff.  If you have any questions about the work of the whānau group, please contact the school office in the first instance.


Whānau Hui Minutes

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